Sunless Sky

OctPoWriMo #6

Sunless sky
Unmoving body
Finally fed
Only to eject nutrients.
Until the sun returns
Life under thick,
Yet thin on oxygen, air
Causing untold challenges


Reading Sounds

OctPoWriMo #5

The floor vent hisses heat
The book spin cracks as pages turn
The words behind a closed door audible
But indistinguishable over the floor roar
And a sudden lack of sound floods in
Noises outside amplified
Distant music taking over the void
The spine cracks once more as the chapter ends

Bricks Top Her Spine

OctPoWriMo #3

Bricks top her spine
Flattening her face down.
Her limbs feebly flail,
Slower with each pass,
Until her world returns
To one without light.

Shut out the light
That she needs for life
In order to bring death
To her other pain.

She hopes only one of them will perish.



As a friend recently reminded me, October is Poetry Writing Month (OctPoWriMo). Given that I enjoy long challenges that only require a small amount of my time daily, I decided to participate, and will be aiming to post a new poem here every day this month.

I currently have ten minutes before I need to leave for work, and still have most of a cup of tea to finish,  so let’s get started.

Ceramic vessel grasping at steam
As it escapes, leaving behind
Its previous life, confined and
Forced en mass around pipes and
Intermingled with faint paints.
Steam wets her face as she
Sips her tea, the last of the fight
Attempting to sting her thirsty tongue.
Constant change is water’s life.