Yet Another Project

In 2016, I thought long and hard about starting a specific project. Originally, I wanted it to last a month, but couldn’t seem to find one upcoming calendar month in which it would work easily.

I then realized that the project wasn’t supposed to be easy. It was supposed to be a challenge, so why half-ass it? I decided it would last all of 2017, mostly because I was about to come up with a name for it that I liked and thought sounded good: Sober ’17.

That’s right! One December 1st of last year, I announced my intention to not drink alcohol for an entire calendar year. The morning after the ball dropped, I reflected on why it was easier (both as an introvert and as someone becoming sober) to skip being out and about at midnight. I’ve marvelled at how easy this challenge has been so far, mostly because I did some work leading up to it, but already have some disappointment that I can’t try the local brew with traveling to Boston later this month. I reflected that wine has been half of my go-to self medication on a monthly basis, and thought of some ways around it. I shared my fear about doing silly or untoward things while being tipsy. I’ve even pondered about the conversational shorthand our society uses, in which “drinking” tends to mean “drinking alcohol,” and made some random, off-the-top-of-my-head hypothesises as to why that might be.

All of this is to say that I am writing again, and hope to continue writing about this sobriety throughout the year, so if this topic (or it’s intersections) interest you, take a look. All blog posts for the first month of the project are linked above.