OctPoWriMo #12 & #13

OctPoWriMo #12

Today was about absorbing words
So they might mingle with my soul
And I wasn’t ready to part with
A single syllabol

OctPoWriMo #13

Awake an hour now
And my vision is blurry
A nap is the human version of
Turn it off and on again
Although it is well before noon
I am considering this option;
There’s no sun anyway.



OctPoWriMo #11

I’m phoning it in
I need to get out of bed
Here is a hiaku

Another Rant Poem

OctPoWriMo #10

I know you try
To have a low
Operating cost
But my experience
Would be much better
If I didn’t have to
Strip this top bunk bed
At 6am
In the dark
Without waking others.
I’ve worked in a hostel –
This is much easier after check out


OctPoWriMo #9

Funny how bunk beds are fine
They are even expected
(Although I’ve slept on far better)
And a lack of personal lighting
Or power plugs is fine…
But as soon as there is no wifi
And breakfast starts hours later
Than when I am awake
Due to how uncomfortable
The aforementioned bunk beds are
– the breakfast and wifi are what
Put this hostel on my
Not Again list.

Hostel Sleeping

OctPoWriMo #8

Everyone leaves the light on past midnight
As I get lost in parody fanfiction
And drunk bunkmates return way later
Thinking they are whispering
Or simply forgetting other people exist
I’m up before the sun
Fueled by excitement and strange noises
And can’t wait to spend all day with geeks.

#ggc16 starts today!


OctPoWriMo #7

Rippled clouds
Tears of joy
Dancing in place
Adorable cursing
Giggles turn to heartfelt cackles
Tissues tucked in bodice
An audience four time zones away
Gorgeous love

Congrats, Laura and Jen. Thank you for letting me Skype into your wedding.