On Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, I drink in my bathtub.
Prying that thought from my mind raises hackles
As though I need to justify myself
Which is silly, of course
But I overthink, you see
So I’ll explain; here goes.
Wednesday evenings are my introvert time –
A time at which I justify my actions only to myself.

It isn’t always alcohol, if that’s what perplexes you.
Although I post photos of foaming bubbles,
My literature for the evening, and my beverage,
Sometimes it is just juice.
It is easy to make people think your green juice
Is a stout when you shoot in a Guinness glass
And edit in black and white.

My bathtub doesn’t overflow with water,
If that’s what has you concerned.
Sometimes, there is no water, because I have
Filled my bathtub with blankets and pillows
Due to showering earlier in the day,
And not wanting to use up too much water.

Technically, it isn’t always my bathtub,
If static lives have you on edge.
I traveled last month and took my leisure time
In a hot tub surrounded by lush green grass,
And took mocking pictures of Winter Ale
Against this smug backdrop.

It is always on Wednesdays, though,
Because I needed a time to call mine,
And the rest of the tradition fell into place.
It’s a date with myself, which I always keep,
To remind myself that what is important isn’t
The precision of the suds or the flavour or the drink
But the fact that I am doing all of this
As an enticement for my introverted self.


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