Character Data Collection

Happy Sunday, Interwebs.

I have started a survey for which I would like to get as many answers as possible, as part of my research for a project that is percolating in the back of my brain. If you have a few spare minutes, please consider filling it out, or even passing it along to others. I’m not going to sell your information, you can fill out whatever you are comfortable with filling out, and your information is anonymous. It is only for my use, and I won’t be judging it. I won’t even be sharing the results, but I will update those who are interested when the project is done (if you leave your preferred email address in the last blank).

I am still looking for artists from whom I can learn, so if you didn’t see my previous post about Artist Ride Alongs, please check it out and speak up if you are interested/know someone who might be.


Artist Ride Along

Happy 2015.

I’ve had a dream for quite some time of having enough money to quit my day job for a solid year and just focus on being an artist. I crunched the numbers at one point (actually, a few points) to see if this would be a viable possibility as of my 29th birthday. Some of you may remember my “28 Before 28 Project” from last year; I like starting projects around dates that are significant to me (although I am very aware of how arbitrary time is, I still enjoy thinking about the power that it seems to have over us).

I looked at the numbers again, and I won’t be able to completely quit my job in April to follow this dream while still being able to pay rent/feed myself/go to VidCon/do everything else I would want to do in that year. I am no longer receiving a bonus that was significant to my pay cheque (through no fault of my own; my company just switched things up, which is fine), and the way the company works, and how we are expanding our distribution, it looks increasingly likely that I would not be permitted to gear down to part-time. I’ve decided to stay on rather than risk my income. Perhaps I will have enough money saved up for when I turn 30.

It would be pretty awesome if something like Patreon or Subbable (two systems which I used to support video/music artists whose work I enjoy/in which I believe) existed for authors, but I am not currently aware of such a system. (If you are, please let me know.)

Besides freeing up my time and mental space for writing, the aforementioned year away from a day job was going to open up time for a new project that I still want to have go forward, even though I am not gaining any more spare time. I would like to go on Artist Ride Alongs, and to do this, I will have to let you know what I mean, and look to this community for help in attaining this project.

A “Ride Along,” as I understand it, is an experience where someone interested in a field of work (generally portrayed as police work; apparently there was a terrible movie of that name that came out last year, but I only just found out about that as I searched to see if there was a formal definition of “ride along” that I could include here) spends the day (or possibly longer) shadowing someone, learning details of the trade. The shadower is encouraged to ask questions while the shadowee works, and this process is seen as a learning experience.

I love learning. Were I to win some sort of lottery (unlikely, as I don’t purchase tickets, but if my brother wins a lottery of significance, I am promised a sizable cut), I would use it to pay rent while I write, travel, and take more higher education courses. I want to apply this ride along concept to art, so that I can learn about various art forms. The trick is finding artists who would be willing to show me their work, as well as scheduling the travel time needed to get there while still juggling my job and my other activities (volunteering and The Quotidian Project being examples of ties to the Victoria community). For this reason, it would make a lot of sense to find as many Vancouver Island/Victoria local artists as possible, but I would be very open to travelling further for a wonderful opportunity.

Are you an artist who would enjoy having me around for a day, or do you know an artist who might? Please, contact me!

What kind of art am I looking to explore? The short answer is All Of It, but some examples would be working with other writers (as many genres/forms as possible), musicians, visual artists (painting, sculpting, designers), photography, video content creators, directors – you name it! I plan to write about all of my experiences, as use inspiration I gain from each process to influence my own work.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I really do need help, as I don’t know exactly where to look – which makes me feel rather daunted/overwhelmed from the get go, but I want to learn. I want to slip inside different worlds, even if it is just for a day or two.

I am hoping to keep costs low, but would be willing to purchase supplies I might need as long as they will be put to good use. If you are an artist/know an artist who would rather just talk to me about your/their work over coffee, I would love to purchase said coffee at your/their leisure.

Please give me any information/guidance that you can, or put me in the direction of someone who can do so. Thank you so much in advance for everything.