Affecting Effects

When I was young, my Father and
I used to watch a show called F/X
But I cannot blame this cinematic
Entertainment for the difficulty of
Determining Affect or Effect
Nor should I have to explain
The extent to which situations affect me
Or have an effect on me.
Regardless, I second guess my moves
Wondering if others will assume I
Am pretending to be affected or
That the effect I am feeling
Is not a proportional response.
If something becomes a hot topic
I shy away, for fear that I will
Be told I shouldn’t have been as
Affected as I “pretended” to be.
What happens to others far away
Should have no effect on me.
Don’t gatekeep my emotions
Or judge me for being affected;
I already have that effect on myself.

(This is my October 22nd contribution to Poem A Day October.)


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