The year is 1990
A year that doesn’t seem so
Very far away to present
(It always feels like the 90’s
Are only a decade away)
And yet it was half my life ago
I wear platform shoes
And it’ll be a year or so before
People realize I’m really short
This is not something I am
Consciously trying to hide
In school photos at my elementary
I actually slouched a bit
Trying to look shorter
Because I thought it made me
Special. The platforms are just
Comfy. I ride my bike to
Middle school, sometimes while
Reading a book. Dangerous,
But the streets are empty
In my sleepy town.
I spent my free time in the
Band turned drama room
Or the library, once getting
A talking to about looking
At inappropriate pictures
On the computer. It’s not my
Fault that half-naked Leo
Shows up when I search Google
For “Romeo and Juliet”.

(This is my October 8th contribution to Poem A Day October. I used the following writing prompt: Write about being half your age or twice your age.)


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