Poem A Day October

As a lead up to NaNoWriMo, I have decided to take part in a Poem A Day challenge I found online. It’s as simply as it sounds – write a poem every day during October. I plan to post them all here. I will be starting a Spoken Word class near the end of the month, so I may update my posts later with links to my SoundCloud account, where I will recite the poems I have created.

For anyone keeping track, Quotidian Project has been alive and well for three months now! Brie wrote a great quarterly review of the project today from her perspective, which I recommend reading. I really enjoy challenges that help me focus, because my introversion sometimes pushes all the stimulation in such a way that I am overwhelmed instead of channeling everything into my creative work.

Here is my poem for October 1st. Prompt from the challenge page: “Write about a technology that doesn’t exist yet, or about a technology being used in a novel way.

“2015 is Coming”

Movies from the past
Set in the future
Like ticking time bombs
Waiting for contemporary discovery.
Enthusiastically waiting to use a
Hover Board, as though
I don’t always fall off the boards
Not suspended above the ground.
The novelty of a classic
Creating a teenage toy
Causes more excitement
Than the scientific discoveries
Originally dreamt in sci-fi shows.


2 thoughts on “Poem A Day October

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