Struggling, lungs draw in
Air, not quite meeting their
Quota. Head spins,
Dizzy without its usual
Take from the lungs’
Acquisition. They tumble
Together into soft sheets
And mourn the missing
Element together,
Slumbering, hoping
It will return soon.

(This is my October 31st, and final, contribution to Poem A Day October. I used the following writing prompt: Write about smoke, clouds, air, wind, or gases.)


Introduction to Max

Last night, at Spoken Word Classes – with Missie Peters, we wrote introduction poems about other people.  (We were given very limited time and the expectation was not perfection.)

Words have always intrigued Max
Memorized a poem as a way to relax
His name is not short for anything
Fiction is the genre to which he’ll bring
Tales of all the careers he’s researched
Cook, actor, teacher, skills are perched
On the tips of his fingers & deep in his mind
Storybook couplets are a way to unwind
Literary shelves is not where he’ll be
Fiction, just fiction, for Max “short-for-nothing” D.

(This is my October 30th contribution to Poem A Day October.)

For Me

I will not base
My choice in underwear
On what you
Might like.
Statistically speaking
I will see them
The most –
Not to mention
Be the one to wear them.
If I am putting all of that
Effort into something
You can bet that is for me.

(This is my October 29th contribution to Poem A Day October.)

Mixed Bag

Features, facets, fitting together
Working toward creating
A cohesive whole
Or causing conflicts
In one soul
Challenges to face
Understanding to gain
Majority of the units are
And arbitrary mixed bag
A surprise that we try to accept
And work to our advantage.
There’s not a lot we get to choose
So do the best with the choices you do have.
Beware the pitfall of
Focusing on differences
Separating us from them
And taking for granted
All the facets, feelings, and features
That are the same.
We are more alike than we are different
No matter the severity of
Our differences of opinion
On topics we hold dear.

(This is my October 28th contribution to Poem A Day October.)

Run Away Poem

Once upon a time,
There was a girl
Who was committed
To writing a poem every day
For a month, as well as
Other writing projects,
Work projects,
Volunteer projects,
And a Halloween Vaudeville show,
And she knew she could do it
But sometimes she felt like
She was going to burn out
And feared feeling like a failure
For not completing so many
Things about which she was passionate
Because she really did feel
Strongly about being involved
In each project
But she was still trying
To get over a cold
And was often tired due to
Seasonal Affected Disorder,
So she was feeling the
Strain of being challenged,
Much like the strain
Of trying to read a poem
That is one, run-on sentence
Because it was written due to
A writing prompt that
Asked for one run on sentence
And she just chopped it up
With line breaks
And hoped that her
Next poem would be more
Worth while a read.

(This is my October 27th contribution to Poem A Day October. I used the following writing prompt: Start with a run-on sentence, then chop it into pieces. Or start with single words, and string them together.

I’m also starting a Slam Poetry course this Wednesday, lead by Missie Peters, so hopefully my poetry will improve.)


Omnipresent humming fills the space
Keeping it from harsh silence
Accentuated by occasional passing vehicles
Their whooshes and ripples slipping
Through solid windows
A gentle reminder that
You are not alone
Pressing shoulders back
Away from the chin
Opening lungs and heart
You relax tense muscles
And feel at home in the space
Instead of trapped in your body
Once rested, you get to decide
How much control you wish to have
And where your body and mind will
Wander. For now, give into the
Hum, let it wash over you
It vibrates the room so you can be still

(This is my October 26th contribution to Poem A Day October.)


I slept until noon today
Ocassionally repositioning
In the bed of a lover
Delighted I was getting
Overdue rest
I dripped sweat today
Heating my muscles, skin, breath
In the santuary of my home
Delighted I was getting
Overdue exercise
I fed myself today
Overcooking items slightly
In my steam-filled kitchen
Delighted I was getting
Overdue nutrients
I cared for my needs today
Happily making time
In my schedule for myself
Delighted I was getting
Overdue time alone

(This is my October 25th contribution to Poem A Day October.)