Dear Bikram Yoga

Dear Bikram Yoga,

I was initially really excited to see you again after nearly three years of being apart. It was great to see you in a new city, with a great facility and an instructor that seemed really nice. However, it made me remember why we broke up in the first place.

I lied to myself enough times, saying that it had to do with not having enough time, since I was juggling school, work, and another relationship, that I fooled myself into thinking it was that simple. I fooled myself into thinking this time would be different, but it’s not.

I think it’s best of we don’t see each other intimately. It’s not you, it’s me. We are never getting back together.

When I’m with you, I feel weak. When we are apart, I am able to build my confidence and strength in other ways. Being with you reminds me that I have short bones with excess fat on them, and you make wrapping them around each other sound so easy. In reality, it isn’t something everyone can do, no matter how much you insist it is. I appreciate you pushing me, but you cannot put a square peg in a round hole. Not to mention, I’m always overdressed at these events, as I value modesty in myself, and am constantly flooded with “perfect” and “strong” bodies enough by the media; I don’t need to visit you to see them as well. I also don’t have time to constantly clean up our mess after we’ve been together. There is only so much laundry one woman can do.

The one bonus of the room being so hot is that I’m pretty sure no one could tell that the experience made me cry; my tears just mixed with my sweat.

The truth is that I need to move on, and there are better people suited to you than I. You just aren’t right for me, and that’s okay, Maybe we can still be friends, but I won’t be able to be around much.

I wish you all the best,

Kathy Trithardt