Introvert Series

Hello all!

Inspiration is a tricky thing, and it has been eluding me recently. While I’ve been thinking about what to write, I have been distracting myself with a new project regarding Introversion. I have a few topics on the go, and have been popping in and out of those documents, dropping comments and thoughts on each subject, and hope to start rolling this series out on this blog in the near future.

Additionally, my lovely friend Brie and I are collaborating on a new project, which should be live soon – we just have to sort out some details before we officially announce it and put it live. You might remember Brie from the Meet in the Middle assignment.

In closing, if you have any items/topics you would like to see me cover in my Introvert Series, please let me know. If you have any creative writing ideas, leave them in comments, because sooner or later I am going to find something to spark a new story, blog post, or poem – and right now I am just taking in as much information as possible so I have a higher likelihood of finding something with which to run.


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