A Friendly Reminder

Friendly reminder to everyone who is ever requesting information or help from another human being,

Don’t act with Entitlement. Don’t be Rude. Don’t Yell. Listen to the person who is helping you. Don’t twist their words. Don’t interrupt them, because you might miss how they have already solved the problem.

Every single human is capable of flaw or error, but do not go out of your way to detect those of the person from whom you are expecting aid, especially if you have not already fully examined your own flaws. Do not project your upsetting situation in life, or current shitty circumstances, as that person’s problem. You are likely upset for valid reasons, but if you are expressing that upset by communicating violently with someone who has nothing to do with the root issue, you are acting incredibly irresponsibly. Anger does not get you what you want any faster than treating someone with the respect that every single human being deserves.


Every human who has ever worked in customer service