Manual Focus

One improvement to my life that was the result of finally upgrading to a smart phone is the application where you can write memos (although I still miss the feeling of real keys with which to type, and I don’t think I’ll ever get over that, as I am still annoyed by it several months after upgrading). I try to carry a paper and a pen everywhere I go, but sometimes it is not practical to pull them out when I want to write something down. I have written entire entries on this blog, for example, while walking to work because I could type into my phone and walk at the same time.

It was also great to pick up old messages I had completely forgotten about. If a friend says something particularly funny or profound, I record it. Days, weeks or months later, we won’t remember it being said, but I’ll have the record without any context.

I found the following note to myself in my memo pad: It blurs the lights in my life, intensifying the sources and smearing brightness farther into the dark. The beauty of this statement is it could be about many things. In fact, each day, this could be said of something different.

Today, it speaks to me of focus. I feel that my focus has been split – spread thin over several projects – and I am constantly trying to catch up. It can be a good feeling – motivating, even – but I know I am going to reach a tipping point where I will be running down hill, trip, tumble and end up completely useless for a while. Before this occurs, it is my hope to manually shift my focus onto things that will help me the most to keep up with what I want in life: time to write, time to read, time for friends, time to volunteer, time for fitness and healthy eating. It feels like I have been ignoring some of these aspects more than is health, and I am transitioning – making small adjustments.

For example, I’ve recently joined; I have often wanted to write Morning Pages as spoken of in The Artist’s Way, but found doing this long hand each morning to be too much of a time crunch. It is especially difficult during darker months when my body just wants to say curled up in bed, and then I feel as though I am a bad writer for not writing exactly when I wake up. This site allows me to easily track that I have done my three pages, and it comes with motivation and statistics. I hope I still love it in a month’s time, when I have to start paying a $5/m membership fee.

It feels good to be writing again, even though Morning Pages are generally babbling gibberish.

I’m attempting to schedule blocks of time in an average week to make sure I touch on what is important to me, but weeks vary so much that I am constantly trying to not get discouraged about the process. What I really need to do is start doing a short, quiet morning fitness routine (I have one in mind that I found on Pinterest ages ago) instead of just constantly planning. I tend to get caught in the planning phase instead of moving on to the doing phase.

My volunteering comes to a close after Tuesday evening, so perhaps I will be able to use that time do check off other items on my list; I don’t need to do everything on my list every week, but I do want to make sure each item is a part of my life.

For those in Canada, the Goodreads giveaway for my novel ends on Sunday evening, so enter if you would like a free signed copy of my book.



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