Following Up

It seems that I have stopped posting my random works of word art since announcing my publication. Whoops.

The Andy Project

I have been swept up in any things The Andy Project related, including waiting for books to arrive (the first batch, from the photo above, did so on Monday), tracking down folks who showed interest in purchasing a copy, signing said copies, putting a giveaway up on Goodreads, waiting to hear back on how to give a copy to the local library system, setting up a book reading for May 25th (details closer to the date), and now I am simply waiting for people to read it… and hopefully enjoy it.

Besides being busy in this aftermath of artistic output, I have not been writing as much as I like. I’ve wound myself up about creating something else that is amazing, and when I put pressure on myself, my gears grind to a halt. I took a breath on Saturday, let myself just walk around and cleared my head. This means that I have dropped the idea of doing another 50,000 word project this month for Camp NaNo, because I have a lot of my plate. Besides all the organizing regarding The Andy Project, I also volunteer for multiple theatre events around Victoria, I helped two friends move in one weekend, I’m supposed to be doing an 8 Weeks to 5K training thing so I can do a 5k with my boss next month but I’m not making the appropriate time for it, I take awesome Improv classes, and have a show coming up at the end of the month with Atomic Vaudeville. Oh, and I should really learn how to feed myself better; lunch today was a few granola bars that I purchased at work.

I have a problem with taking time for myself, which is a special sort of issue when you are an introvert. It is my birthday coming up (oh, look, that reminds me of a project that I have pretty much abandoned because I don’t have time or energy to local enough strangers who are willing to take part) this weekend, so I have a lovely dinner with friends planned, and hope to do a lot of reading and or writing, either out in the sun or in bed, depending on the weather.

I’ll try to post something of artistic value soon.


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