Ode To My Left Thumb

Importance debated
It was an accident
How the knife serrated

Tore into your sweet flesh
Out again in a rush
Circle of blood pooling
Pain screams from you won’t hush

Bound, bandaged, limited
Strengths illuminated
Cannot undo bra clasps
Shower effort twisted

Unbuttoning my jeans
Not so easy, it seems
Neglecting your safety
Take revenge in these means

Betraying my poor thumb
Failing to abstain from
Harming through carelessness
Annoys my long time chum

Revenge is enacted
Private life impacted
Hard to get laid, method
Of stripping retracted

(Author’s note: I cut a good portion of the tips of my thumb off while making dinner last night [don’t worry; tis only a flesh wound], but have noticed today that actions such as undoing my bra, undoing my pants, and showering were especially awkward today while working around the bandaging. It then occurred to me that all of those things are kind of important for having sex, not that I was planning on it any time soon. Besides, the lucky partner could always help with all of those things.)


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