I Flay My Heart

I flay my heart
And here its bare
What you will take
Is your own care
An honest lass
Nothing to lose
Here’s my story
Tell what I choose

I need to tell
That love I feel
I’ve tried to hide
But it is real
I’ve pushed aside
And I’ve supressed
We’re on other
Pages, I’ve guessed

I have darkness
Not by my choice
But it’s part of
Me, here’s my voice
Partner to keep
Or partner lose
Figure it out
Your time to choose

No need from you
Outside of care
Wandering eye
New life a scare
Share your heart and
I will share mine
Don’t shut me out
Don’t draw a line

Damaged I am
Might always be
But I am good
Please, won’t you see?
Aspects of fear
Clouding your mind
Be with me now
Don’t look behind

Perhaps I’d like
Classical things
But I will see
What future brings
Love what I have
Have what I need
Don’t think that you
Must mount a steed

Undo limits
Not based in truth
Enjoy the words
Hither were boothed
Care not paper
Or building vast
Just want to love
Long as will last


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