On Genres

I have created an extended metaphor for how I feel about taking part in Vaudeville. This might be the most “me” thing I do today, so I figured I should write it down.

I did my first show Vaudeville in October, and the experience was unlike any I had previously known in a theatre setting. I’ve likened it to skipping in a school yard. You can skip by yourself using one rope, or in a group while playing Double Dutch. I am very used to being in my own element, and jumping along with my single rope, and working to my own rhythm, which just isn’t the spirit of Vaudeville. So I challenged myself and looked across the playground, noticing some people playing Double Dutch. I observed how it was played, and by the end of the month, I was even allowed to hold the ends of the ropes and swing them a little bit while someone took a turn jumping.

The writing pitch meeting for the next show happened recently, and I got excited about potentially showecasing that I have funny ideas, too. I know how to jump; how hard could it be? What I didn’t realize was that I have a very different default style that doesn’t work in Vaudeville, and I had written my ideas in my usual style. I asked to take a go at being the one to jump Double Dutch, and although I got a few good moves in, I bailed pretty hard and ended up with some deep scrapes. It took a friend to help me realize that I was doing well, but I just had to work on a bit of technique. I really needed that feedback. I really needed to know that my concept was sound, but the format needs altering.

I’ve decided to slipt my attention on the project I started, and do both: boil what was essentially the beginning of an essay down to the main comedy points for Vaudeville (if they still want to use it), and hone my essay for a big reveal on my blog near the end of the year. The essential content is great, I just need to work on the delivery. I need to put aside the rythm of one rope and pick up and speed so I can jump with two without falling on my face.

On a different but genre related note, I am pretty excited to start researching for Random Genre Month. I haven’t decided which genre to use, but I al going to do so by the end of today, start researching the genre and have my outline ready for January 1st. It will give me something to do while I have a few people read my NaNoWriMo novel that I completed last month, as I’m sure it will be a little while before I receive feedback.


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