A Plea To Whoever Got The Book After Me

Hey everyone, I’m Kathy, and I’m a geek. I’m a complete nerd and I’m proud of it. I am a part of many fandoms: different authors, vlogs, television shows, web series and movies. I just really enjoy fiction – it is one of my favourite things in the entire world. I’ve even been known to play a few sweet video games in my time (spoiler: The Cake Is a Lie), although I get pretty aggressive about it so no one wants to play with me. Whatever, I have too many books to read, anyway.

These are the opening lines to a something I started working on the other day. I then printed out a copy to read at a meeting, and place the copy in the front cover of a book I borrowed from the Greater Victoria Public Library (“The Introvert Advantage”). I returned said book a couple days ago, and left the printed copy in the cover. The book has been lent out to someone else. If you happen to be that someone else, please don’t steal the work that comes after that introduction. Firstly, I plan to post it just after Christmas. Secondly, it needs some more work (that was just a first draft). If you read it and it didn’t just get tossed in the recycling by the clerk checking in books (this is my real hope), I hope you liked it, but don’t wreck the surprise by sharing it around.

I put the opening in this blog post in case you decided to do a Google search using any of the phrasing, in order to find who it belonged to.

As always, I am over thinking this, but I’d be pretty bummed if this project were stolen, as I dig it, so, you know, give a girl a break.


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