On Leaning

Standing upright
Keeping my own
I try to behave
Outstanding and grown
I am strong
And can exude grace
I’m no stranger
To keeping my place
In comes a love
Helps with my load
But when it leaves
Weight is doubly restowed
Community is key
And keeps us afloat
But I’m used to captaining
My very own boat
Instead of posts
Built around as fences
I choose not to lean
And build up defenses
When posts were removed
I fell rather hard
I’ve scraped more than a knee
And built up my guard
So I stand alone
Not leaning on posts
Shrinking inward
And listening to ghosts
I want support
But fear its retraction
Which causes a rather
Negative reaction
My default turns sour
And I don’t seem to know
That all the power within me
Is jailed by self foe
Hurt happens to all
But we grow and we prosper
It’s all in the choice of
Mentality we foster
Choose to be upright
And never graze those around
Or learn to lean
And equalibrium might be found


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