On Absolutes

All right.
Odd phrase. Never all wrong.
Sitting between the two
Leaning but always upright.
Best categorized, broken down
And quized in sections, not whole.

Asking in simplistic perameters
Makes the answer more consise
More fractions than anything
Evaluated as a whole.

Heavy brain children
Tugging on the teeter tooter
Invisible to those not me but
Overall they balance out.
When did having
Imaginary friends and nemeses
Go from being fun and exciting
To confusing
With a side of sorrow?

Creative types who learn to
Play with their brain children
And capture their adventures in art
Are the ones who survive.
Those who ignore them all together
Don’t get to grow with them
Teach them
Learn with them
And neither thrives
At least not toward the spectrum end of
All right.


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