Dear Reader

(Author Note: This appears to be an entry for a contest back in 2006 for I have no idea if I actually submitted it. This is a copy/paste from the original document, with no edits.)

Dear Reader,

I have always wondered what it takes to become creative when a muse doesn’t seem to be within any sort of feasible reach. Personally, I have often sat down in front of a blank piece of paper or a blank Word document and I have had the most terrible time filling it up.

The potential solution for this problem seems hard but at the same time is very simple: just write. We all censer ourselves before we will allow the words to hit the page; no one wants to put down bad ideas. There is one big secret to getting down good ideas and that is to put down all possible ideas and figure it out that way. How do you know that a short story about a giant slug looking for love is a truly bad idea until you let it breath a little on an open page?

Granted, some people have a seemingly natural ability to spew witty remarks or off the wall comments, but the key word is “seemingly.” Nearly everyone you can think of who has this ability has practiced their intellect through many methods: reading, writing, people-watching, social interaction and even role-play games, just to name a few.

Another idea generating task can be as simple as flipping through a dictionary, picking a word at random and writing down the first thing that comes to mind. From there, continue until you run out of ideas and then pick a new word and keep going. Granted, you might come out with some wacky ideas, but those ones are the most fun!

So the next time you are brainstorming, let your pen (or fingers) go wild. There is a reason why censorship is inappropriate in such a creative society. You might end up with a few ideas you really like instead of an unpublished list of things you don’t think are good enough to put on paper.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this has inspired you. I hope I helped to brighten your day.

Kathy Trithardt


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