Sahasrara Song

My mind is stinging
From the words far-flinging
The universe is clinging
To the messages we’re bringing

Space and time, transcending
The search is never-ending
”To know all” is pretending
But our minds are extending

We can stand around, commentating
And some choose commiserating
To others it is mental masturbating
I’m here for the challenge of communicating

 Life can be demanding
When on your own, you’re standing
Learning to be commanding
But keeping hold of understanding

 A thousand petals falling
Possibilities curveballing
Future so enthralling
If only we stop stalling

 Finding order in displacing
I have to stop effacing
Fear guards me from embracing
But I’ve ceased backspacing

 Forces continue clashing
Egos take a bashing
But my path diverts from crashing
If I stop fearing a backlashing

 Stand at the door of dying
Don’t stop yourself from crying
If your truth is what you are trying
Dishonesty is all you’re denying

(Author’s note: this is what happens when I decide to end every line with the “sound” associated with the seventh chakra.)


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