On Burning

The gentle heat that swelled in my soles is now a roaring flame
That licks at my my skin and travels through the bones of my legs
And into my heart
Sickness overtakes my chest, closing my throat, putting dangerous
Pressure on delicate facets of my face, every changing and moving
Daring it to break
My soul intertwines with my soles in a quest to erupt from my heart
To allow all of my feelings to surface instead of bubbling and tossing
Below the surface
My walls are built high and hide secrets even from my mind that
Serve to scare me, to worry me, to make me wonder what is so
Important but unviewable
I am working to unlock my truth, to fell things deeper than the fear
That guards my purpose, my dignity, my ability to understand
That I do belong
Not only do I matter, but I am enough, and soon I will freely stroll
Through my own life instead of feeling like I am bouncing off
More worthy people’s lives

And I will melt the path with my firey soles
And blaze my trail into fully knowing myself


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