On Clouds

One of my favourite things to do, whether I am alone or in the company of people with whom I am content, is to look up at the sky. I especially enjoy vantage points beneath gnarled trees, where the sky is slightly obscured; criss cross patterns form and dress the sky in a gown that aims to cling to the vastness expanding away from our grounded base. Several versions of blue shades and hues co-mingle and dance around above us, and it is all too often that this show is going on but we are too busy working away in our own bubbles to simply look up and be wondered.

The sky has another friend, besides gnarled trees, who gives it further shape and expression: clouds. Some are small, others large, ranging from pure white to demon black and they all move at their own pace; some dance together while others drift apart. Even lounging here, writing this piece, I have seen several clouds come and go, and I cannot help but wonder how long they stay unchanged, or how I saw them, while they travel across the sky. Some must be just forming, only recently recognizing that they are a cloud at all; what is in store for their existence? Perhaps others are content to be blown about, pushed together or torn apart depending on the will of the day. Clouds provide the grounded with respite from the hot sun or with rain to wash away our sins, but more often than not, they are adrift and do not have a specific purpose in direct relation to those below. Clouds are simply existing.

Only those who open their eyes and gaze at the skies can theorize how clouds live their lives.

We can either recognize their beauty, curse their role in the weather, project our preconceived shapes onto their bodies or be completely oblivious to the clouds above us. No matter how we treat them, they are one sliver of the entire sky, which not only wraps around our world, but every world in existence. Shifting and sweeping, building and falling, clouds take on colours from the sun, moon and stars. Each cloud is changed by elements around them, and I like to believe that if the elements in my own corner of the world are clawing at me, weighing me down or even heightening my awareness of self, I can look to the clouds for solidarity. I can breath the clouds into whatever I am feeling, and become more peaceful in my own reflections. I play off their energy, much like that of my community.


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